Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015

Well, it’s been a rough day configuring this new environment in Windows 10. I installed all programs that I listed yesterday, but I was wrong about few things. Windows 10 is nicer than I expected, it was little bit lagging at first, but whether I got used to the lagging already or it’s better than the lagging of its predecessor is not sure. I feel the start menu got much more intuitive and better, in both work context wise and speed wise.

I tried to avoid installing the Visual Studio, but I couldn’t help with the simple setups it provides me. I was wrong about MinGW and CMake, the latest version of MinGW did not support gcc version 4.9.x which supports c++14, and the other way to get those support was to build them on my own, or to use Cygwin. Hah, I was dumb enough to skip tutorials on Cygwin and judge that it does not have make and etc included. Anyway, Cygwin is on its way getting downloaded to my local drive and it’s been taking more than 3 hours by now. Meanwhile, I decided to look up other projects that I am interested in, which persuaded me to install Visual Studio and all.

I got Visual Studio 2015 preview and saw that it has an installation option for cross-platform app development kit. Checking the box prompted me at the end of Visual Studio installation to install additional packages for the option, which included Android SDK, NDK, and all. I don’t know how did they got into this decision but I can see that MS is smoothing their environments up a little. I still need to take a good look at these changes, but I hope to be able to build/debug app for both Windows/Android with single IDE, Visual Studio 2015. I will not be able to benefit from these in my company, though ;P. When I have some more time, I will definitely go for a post with setting up Visual Studio’s cross-platform project. I am just too novice to write about it now, haha.

Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015

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