Preparing to upgrade laptop to Windows 10

So, as an active user of Windows 8.1 and an active disliker for Windows 8.1’s context-blowing metro tile pop-ups, I’ve been waiting for this – Windows 10. I noticed MS started to distribute preview version earlier this week, but sadly though, I hardly had time for upgrading to Windows 10, until now. After this weekend’s weekly feasting of fried chickens, I remembered the news and started backing up my disks. Well, it’s a start of new year, so I just kinda wanted a “fresh” environment.

So here, I am going to list up applications that I would like to keep in new environment, just not to forget anything (or if anyone might find this useful…).

  • Chrome -Classic
  • VLC – Classic video player
  • foobar2000 – a lightweight freeware audio player, highly customizable
  • Atom – Chromium-based text editor with great deal of extensibility, although I need to be a bit more careful with setting up this time to prevent all the stumbles I had to go through to install various packages… Anyway, this editor supports a variety of programming languages and various add-ons, although it’s very good at producing web-based applications, it seems a bit heavy for non-browser dependent development.
  • StarUML – a free utility for creating UML or generating code from the diagram.
  • MinGW – I’ve been using Visual Studio for my main development IDE. I really liked those functionalities that Visual Studio offers, but keeping up with newest C++ standards disappoints me. It’s a bit of shame that after 3 years of announcement of C++11, MSVC is still missing supports for some constexpr. Though most of C++11 features are implemented, I decided to start using more up-to-date with standard compiler, and MinGW gives me that.
  • CMake – eh, few projects that I am interested in makes use of this application. It says it’s cross-platform, I guess that’s why.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader – a de facto standard application for reading/editing pdf
  • HoneyView – lightweight image viewer optimized for reading comics, supports opening zip file without unziping it, and moving to next folder, etc.
  • KakaoTalk – Yes, I’m Korean.
  • 7zip – another de facto standard file (de)compressor
  • Atlassian SourceTree – great SCM tool supports both git and hg. I use mercurial at work but git has its momentum forward so I wanted to manage both kind of repositories…and this does that!

I guess this is about it. Voilà! A mere 30-minutes long file transfer is done now. If anyone is reading this besides me, thanks for reading. Hope you find something useful!

Preparing to upgrade laptop to Windows 10

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